Cracking the Longevity Code Webinar with Barry Habib and Dr. Michael Roizen

As the human lifespan expands, preparing for a longer, healthier future is crucial.

That’s why you don’t want to miss this timely conversation between Barry Habib and New York Times bestselling author Michael Roizen, M.D. as they discuss Dr. Roizen's inspiring look into the future of longevity along with his new book, "The Great Age Reboot: Cracking the Longevity Code for a Younger Tomorrow."

Dr. Roizen is the Emeritus Chief Wellness Officer at the Cleveland Clinic, Chief Medical Consultant on The Dr. Oz Show, and author of four #1 New York Times bestselling books. The author of more than 190 peer-reviewed articles, he has been recognized with an Ellie, an Emmy and the Paul G. Rogers Award from the National Library of Medicine for Best Medical Communicator.

Click here to purchase Dr. Roizen's new book and here to listen to the full interview. And if you're looking for the highlights, make sure you listen to these crucial segments:

[00:01:52] What you need to know about life expectancy today.

[00:06:10] The key longevity breakthroughs that are happening right now and the scoop on gene editing.

[00:10:49] An update on the Human Genome Project and why you can control over 80% of which of your genes are on.

[00:17:50] The secret to staying young.

[00:19:10] Breakthroughs in Alzheimer’s and dementia research.

[00:26:03] The scoop on senolytics, which is getting rid of old cells that make the neighbor cells old.

[00:30:11] The benefits of restricting calories, sugar and protein for five consecutive days a month, and an easy recipe to follow.

[00:33:57] What to know about gene editing with immunomodulation.

[00:35:01] The latest research on regenerating stem cells.

[00:39:43] How obesity can be eliminated.

[00:42:30] Simple things you can do right now to improve your health and longevity.

[00:44:17] The impact of stress management on your genes.

[00:45:28] The 33 things that you can do to prevent brain dysfunction.

[00:50:26] The five crucial tips for living a long, healthy life.

[00:56:05] The key takeaway from the webinar.