Effective Content Marketing Webinar with Barry Habib and Neel Dhingra

Are you ready to explode your mortgage business by creating innovative content for social media?

If so, you won’t want to miss this timely webinar with Barry Habib and Neel Dhingra, where they discuss the latest trends in marketing that will help you turn more conversations into conversions by mastering Instagram reels and videos.

Neel is a digital creator and a leading authority within the mortgage and real estate industry who grew his mortgage business by over 1,000% within three years by leveraging content marketing through multiple platforms. Recently, Neel was recognized as a Top Video Influencer by industry software provider BombBomb and Tom Ferry. On the heels of his success in the content creation space, Neel created Forward Academy to help other like-minded individuals within the industry learn how they could do the same. To learn more about Neel’s workshops and programs, visit ForwardAcademy.com.

Click here to listen to the full interview and if you're looking for the highlights, make sure you listen to these crucial segments:

[00:03:34] What’s really working right now on social media – and what isn’t.

[00:07:02] How to expand your reach with Instagram reels.

[00:09:12] Why it’s more important to be clear than clever.

[00:10:01] Why it’s crucial to speak to one person – and an easy script to use.

[00:10:33] The best way to structure your videos to ensure views and engagement.

[00:15:32] The video topics that work right now – and where to source these.

[00:17:31] A step-by-step guide for shooting home tour videos – and how you can use this to add value to your referral partners.

[00:21:59] The crucial thing to add to your videos to substantially increase your views.

[00:24:30] The simple things that make a big difference in your video quality and engagement.

[00:26:11] Why you need to adopt the 80/20 strategy for your Instagram feed.

[00:28:15] The benefits of a successful social media strategy, including improved conversion, instant credibility, more time, better quality of life and more.

[00:29:22] An example of the power of just one video.

[00:34:30] Best practices for movement, audio quality and volume levels for videos.