MBS Highway Acquires ListReports

MBS Highway and ListReports have joined forces to provide even greater value to mortgage and real estate professionals with meaningful advice, actionable insights and powerful automation.

The combined company makes us uniquely positioned to help mortgage and real estate professionals build trust and increase conversion with their clients and referral partners. We empower mortgage loan originators to win new revenue opportunities with tools that help people more confidently navigate the homebuying or refinance process. Our innovative solutions mean real estate agents and originators can streamline their workload, save time and unlock new business opportunities with data-driven solutions designed to grow their network.

Today’s challenging market has brought mortgage rates that are more than 3% higher than they were a year ago, while the Fed’s hikes to the Fed Funds Rate and uncertain economic conditions have only added to the volatility in the markets. This has caused many would-be homebuyers to delay their purchase, especially given the prevalence of misinformation in the media touting doom and gloom ahead for the housing market.

Every successful professional needs an edge. Our combined expertise is now your competitive advantage.

MBS Highway offers the industry’s leading mortgage market intelligence and sales solution, including:

  • Award-winning market expertise, timely alerts and forecasting that help originators address their clients’ biggest questions and concerns
  • Data-driven tools including financial calculators and tailored solutions to fit every loan scenario
  • Custom, automated social and marketing content solutions for building a referral network and social media presence

ListReports’ proprietary database offers a single source of truth on agent and loan originator production levels, with solutions like:

  • Automated, personalized marketing kits with built-in lead capture and interactive infographics that entice consumers to contact them
  • Ready-to-share daily social media content with pre-written captions designed to start conversations with potential clients
  • Direct access to agent production data and advanced strategies for prospecting

Working together, the companies’ combined strengths mean mortgage and real estate professionals will gain valuable insights on market dynamics from MBS Highway and greater visibility regarding who to share those insights with from ListReports. A subscription is an investment in the future because it helps professionals grow and protect their business in today’s challenging market and for years to come.

Find out why over 8,000 loan officers across the U.S. use ListReports to connect with more than 350,000 real estate professionals. Visit ListReports to book a demo and see how you can increase your production with tools that top-producing agents and originators use.