How to Stay Unforgettable with Past Clients Webinar with Megan Anderson, Ryan Grant and Danny Horanyi

If you’re looking to stay unforgettable with past clients by engaging them meaningfully post-transaction, then you won’t want to miss this crucial conversation between Megan Anderson and the Art of Homeownership’s Ryan Grant and Danny Horanyi.

Ryan Grant has held the #1 loan officer spot in Orange County, California for several years running and has helped many homeowners maximize their investments and reach new levels of financial success with his advisor-for-life mentality. He is passionate about transforming the mortgage industry by empowering mortgage professionals to help families build wealth with their real estate through the Art of Homeownership platform.

Danny has been making an impact in the industry for 18 years with an impressive lifetime origination volume of over $2,000,000,000. Formerly ranked in the top five originators in the nation by volume, Danny's leadership and expertise have had a profoundly positive impact on the lives of his employees, business partners and colleagues. He is known for his strategic decision-making and leading a business with intention.

Click here to listen to the full interview and you can sign up for a consultation to learn more about the Art of Homeownership here. And if you're looking for the webinar highlights, make sure you listen to these crucial segments:

[00:00:51] Why it’s important to be unforgettable and how the Art of Homeownership helps loan originators achieve this.

[00:02:39] Why it’s important to help clients transform from homeowners to successful homeowners that grow generational wealth.

[00:8:05] How the new Art of Homeownership app can help you move from a transactional business to a value-based business.

[00:12:05] How to create value-based items for clients in between their mortgage transactions and the types of items the Art of Homeownership app provides to help your clients become successful homeowners.

[00:13:38] How the Art of Homeownership app keeps you in front of your clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis while helping your clients track expenses, check and improve their credit score, monitor their mortgage readiness and more.

[00:18:20] What Ryan says is the most important part of the Art of Homeownership app.

[00:21:36] How the Art of Homeownership app can help your clients create and follow a budget.

[00:23:30] The number one regret homeowners have and how the Art of Homeownership can help them.

[00:25:52] How the Art of Homeownership app can make moving easier for your clients.

[00:27:58] How the app can help you track client information and add value to your clients based on their needs.

[00:31:58] How the Art of Homeownership helps you make your competition irrelevant through limiting membership in metropolitan areas.

[00:34:24] The benefits of being an Art of Homeownership partner, including increased conversion, database engagement, enhanced lead generation and more.

[00:36:21] How the Art of Homeownership can help you thrive in tough markets.