The Power of One Webinar with MBS Highway and Carl White

Solidifying your referral sources is especially important in challenging markets. Equally crucial is knowing the right strategies that can help you gain top-producing referral partners while not wasting time on agents that don't produce.

In this timely webinar, MBS Highway’s Barry Habib and Megan Anderson spoke to Carl White about referral partner strategies you can use to identify those key relationships, so you close more loans in less time. Plus, you’ll learn about the “Power of One” – how setting one meeting a day with a referral partner can increase your revenue by $684,000 a year!

You’ll also see a demo of Highway’s newest product, Agent Intel Connect, which provides quick and actionable insights into an agent’s production data to identify the most promising targets.

Listen to the entire interview with MBS Highway and Carl White here. And to learn more about Agent Intel Connect, email Megan Anderson at

About Carl White:

Carl White is founder and CEO of Mortgage Marketing Animals, a successful mortgage marketing training program. Carl is also a non-producing branch manager at one of the top mortgage branches in America and the host of the number one podcast for loan originators,

Mortgage Marketing Animals teaches the strategies that originators in Carl’s own branch use to close more loans in less time, helping them regain the freedom to do more things they love.

About MBS Highway:

MBS Highway offers the industry’s leading mortgage market intelligence and sales solution. Our award-winning market alerts and forecasts, data-powered financial tools, and broad range of customizable reports help our subscribers gain more leads, close more loans, and become a trusted advisor and respected referral partner.

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